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It (or at least the BOP part of it) is filed [1] in CA as STNA-132004682 (State National is the fronting carrier).

Filed Loss Ratio (including LAE) is 65%. Basically ISO rates and forms with exceptions...they also copied some Chubb stuff.

You can read the more interesting parts in this exhibit https://docdro.id/R1KyTdL

Looks like the major play here is that ISO has very little pricing granularity for tech companies (they are classified as "Offices (Not Otherwise Classified)") and that Vouch will focus on more differentiated pricing (based on policyholder sales, not as much on Limits).

D&O and E&O will be interesting...will look for that later...

EDIT: So that's STNA-132007333, and there they copied Rates and Rules from Great American, and use their own forms (which I'm guessing are somewhat similar as well).

[1] https://filingaccess.serff.com/sfa/home/CA

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