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Yeah though the counterpoint is that the monthly hot-desk pricing for WeWork's Tokyo stuff is, according to a calculation I did once, _twice_ the price of just renting an office in the same neighborhood (this was in Dogenzaka). This was a calculation based off of having 15-20 people to deal with.

So maybe it's for small groups? But if there's only 2-6 of you, you could go to the literally hundreds of coworking spaces in Tokyo for 20% of the price of a WeWork hot desk. And use the savings to pay for beer.

The only big-ish group I've heard that used WeWork in its initial growth is PayPay which.... is a joint venture between Yahoo Japan and PayTM.

It feels like they're running on some culture thing, but there's basically no math that makes WeWork a valuable choice. At their price points, it starts getting cheaper to just hire someone full time to manage your office space. And if you have that kind of money you can make the deposit.

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