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Show HN: Voorjob – How to understand the results of your job search
1 point by vjBeroli on Dec 3, 2019 | hide | past | favorite
Hi HN!

We are Beroli and Pascal, co-founders of Voorjob (https://www.voorjob.com) a small startup from Copenhagen that is going to make easier for your to land your next job.

We realized that today's hiring process with all those fancy ATS, resume parsers and ML algorithms, is kind of broken, the power is almost entirely with the side that is hiring.

So we decided to fight back!

Our product is focusing the data manageability and insights extraction of your job search, you can see a glimpse of how it looks here:


Since everyone here has probably hunted for jobs before, we would love to listen your feedback about our crazy idea and learn more about the pain points that you faced in the past.

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