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Wow, the level of corruption and self dealing here is remarkable. Chehadé was the CEO of ICANN until a couple of years ago.

> On May 7th, Chehadé registered the domain for EthosCapital.com.

> On May 13th, ICANN decided to lift the price caps anyway. The decision was made by ICANN staff, not its board, evading the obligation to publicly carry out due diligence and explain board decisions.

> On May 14th, Ethos Capital was incorporated as a new Boston-based “investment firm”, founded by Brooks — who stepped down from running the 60-person team at Abry to do so. Ethos Capital has two staff: Brooks and Nora Abusitta-Ouri, a former ICANN SVP who later worked for Chehadé. [0]

Then a couple of months later, surprise, .org gets sold to Ethos Capital... Almost as if this was the plan the whole time...

Here's hoping that somehow these crooks actually end up in jail...

[0] http://blogs.harvard.edu/sj/2019/11/23/a-tale-of-icann-and-r...

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