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You use that library when you want fractional values right? That is, numbers with a binary point but not floats.

For the most part, I use longs (for instance a FixedVec is a (long,long,long) struct where 1 = 1/1000 of a meter).

However, complicated calculations or anything involving angles or other math functions quickly becomes more convenient when expressed as a Fix64, which is more or less a drop in replacement for float.

I would ideally use Fix64 everywhere, but given the torturous route the C# takes to be transformed into something that's executed on the client machines, my faith in the compiler's ability to generate good code for that is basically zero. I mentally treat long + long as a single instruction, but Fix64 + Fix64 as a function call.

That's rough, fortunately for my own projects I'm only doing Unity on desktop, so I haven't had to go this far.

Even something simple like multiplying up and dividing down quickly adds a lot of overhead, and when running on mobiles you really need all the speed you can get.

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