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You've got the causality backwards. It isn't "the whole word uses this, so we decided to put two US state courts in charge of it".

It was "only two US state courts are in charge of it but the whole world decided to start using it anyway".

No one forced anyone to use the US DNS system. They all knew what they were signing up for when they joined the public internet in the 80s and 90s and haven't spend any time or money lobbying for a change.

ICANN was supposed to be a multi stakeholder organization that would balance non US interests. In reality, it's entirely captured by registry interests and the result is former CEO capturing .ORG and turning into a for profit. ICANN is a failure is the core problem.

> They all knew what they were signing up [..]

Really? Knew as in "ticked a box" or as in "informed consent"?

You should not tick boxes if you are not informed as to what they do.

Not very pragmatic in the general sense, with the length of ToSs and signatures and check marks on forms. There's a difference between having the ability to read and review forms and informed consent before ticking boxes.

That is because most people found it appealing to have _one_ internet (read as domain name system). So the only option is to use the existing one. Given that, there was not really a choice.

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