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There is a chance that the fire sale price will help keep .org prices from skyrocketing. Maybe they did .org domains a favor.

As always, non-profit services cost less than for-profit services for a reason. ISOC could have implemented any price hikes they wanted without the need to pay out a profit as will be necessary for the new owners.

This will be a net cost increase, likely a big one (since there are no actual controls), for .org owners.

In what universe is that the case? Prices are going to raise by at least 10% per year from now until the end of time.

that is doubling every 7 years thereabouts, far far far higher than inflation or cost bais increases would demand

Any investment firm wants to maximise returns for their investors. The incentive is to find the (monopoly) price that maximises income from sales numbers x dollars.

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