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> Whenever I see someone handling currency in floats, something inside me wither and die a small death.

Meh. When used correctly in the right circumstances it is acceptable to use floats.

Here's an example. Suppose you are pricing bonds, annuities, or derivatives. All the intermediate calculations make essential use of floating point operation. The BlackÔÇôScholes model for example requires the logarithm, the exponential, the square root, and the CDF of the normal distribution. None of that is doable without floats.

Even for simpler examples it is sometimes okay to use floats. If you only ever need to store an exact number of cents, you can totally store the number of cents in a double. Integer operations are exact using IEEE-754 double operations when they are smaller than 2^53-1 or so. There's usually no benefit of doing so, but hey it's possible.

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