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NeoSmart Technologies | Chicago, IL | PART-TIME REMOTE and/or IN-PERSON

We're "the bootloader experts" of EasyBCD fame but do so much more! We have two all-new positions opening up and are flexible with how they are filled, and are open to both contract and employment offers.

OPENING 1) If you're a hacker (coder or otherwise -- computer experts without programming experience are welcome to apply!) have experience with Linux, Windows, bootloaders, firmware configuration, etc. and know what an MBR is, how PXE relates to the BIOS, and can set up a virtual machine under at least two different hypervisors with your eyes blindfolded - well, we've been looking for you!

OPENING 2) Seeking someone that's "been there, done that" in the world of designing/developing/prototyping/producing high-precision, low-cost mechanical consumer electronics (think inkjet printers and the like), please reach out! Even if you're not looking to join the team, we'll pay you to pick your brains and sound some ideas off you.

Interested? Shoot me an email. No recruiters. No scrapers. Please.

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