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I'm very interested to read more details about this system. Can you send more details like links, articles, videos, etc?

Interestingly enough, HN comments are the only other reference I see: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16757807

A lot of internal Amazon ideas eventually make their way to the public as AWS offerings, typically with limitations due to them needing to be public offerings without dev teams that can sit in a room at a moments notice and decide on any necessary changes. Typically that means the AWS offering is lacking features compared to the internal version, but eventually teams are encouraged to migrate (I’ve been away from Amazon for about 4 years, but that’s still the impression I get). Lambda, DynamoDB, Code Deploy, Autoscaling Groups, ALB/NLBs (load balancer tied to an ASG), Cloud Watch, SQS, etc. all had internal equivalents which often were better (imho) than the AWS offering. Some were hosted (by another team), some needed to be managed by each team (which made the move to AWS more compelling).

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