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> Take a page from the Donuts book: create multiple price tiers for popular domains, up to 100x the base rate.

> Raise rates for long-time owners of common words. They weren’t using that premium space anyway.

This is forbidden by the .org registry agreement, 2.10(c): https://www.icann.org/sites/default/files/tlds/org/org-agmt-...

And amazingly won't matter under the new owners who get to write their own rules. That's why everyone is upset. There was a vote that allowed .org to set whatever prices they wanted right before the sale.

His link was to the updated agreement. The sale doesn't allow the owner to write their own rules.

Ah, thanks -- you're right, the second is prohibited; corrected. The first seems fine per 2.10(c) as long as the registrant agrees on first registration that renewals will be expensive.

Registrant can negotiate with ICANN to make their own terms at expiration of the agreement.

ICANN has no spine and is captured, so it probably will happen. And now with .ORG doing this, we're going to see .COM next.

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