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Network Next | Golang and C/C++ Programmers | Troy, NY | Full-time | Onsite

Network Next is the marketplace for premium network transit. Our marketplace, running in Google cloud and written in Golang, finds the best path for each session every 10 seconds via a bidding process.

Come work with us as we implement our new vision for the internet, one where networks compete on performance and price to carry traffic.

Our beachhead is games with low latency, real-time traffic. Our customers are game developers who integrate our open source SDK: https://github.com/networknext/sdk

We have openings for Golang engineers and engineers who work in low-level linux networking in C/C++ (DPDK/eBPF).

Also, why Troy, NY? In short, low cost of living and a great area to live which is rapidly gentrifying. https://www.networknext.com/post/network-next-hiring-talent-...

If interested, please email me, the CEO directly: glenn@networknext.com


- Glenn

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