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The scariest thing in this article to me was buried at the end describing how many of these drugs can be found in the water supply (albeit in mostly trace amounts). Whether you want them or not, it seems like everyone is going to get these medications in trace amounts and who knows what they will do to our bodies over time.

Is there anything that I as an average person can do to remove as many of these chemicals as I can? A special filter?

Any activated carbon filter should do - these molecules are pretty big and will be caught by a Brita filter or similar. Faucet attachment systems are the most effective.


Not worry about it. It is like trying to boost testerone or estrogen by the sex of your meat source - so hillariously ineffectual it is effectively mysticism.

Why are you concerned? We’re able to detect pharmaceuticals in water at several levels of magnitude lower than any actual impact. We’re talking parts per trillion.

I’d be more concerned about things like lead and other toxic metals.

You could get spring water for really cheap. It’s something like $30 a month. No idea if it actually has less pharmaceuticals in it though.

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