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I think FaceApp should be hosted on an AWS-like infrastructure.

Hosting in Russia is expensive and does not provide any advantages, such as dynamic routing that is crucial for world-wide app. Most developers use it to comply with Russian standards: you only need to store information about Russian users on Russian servers. In addition, currently in Russia there are no good alternatives for reliable cloud neural network inference.

But I can’t understand the negative media about the application, based on the founder’s country of origin. I argue that this is discrimination because there is as yet no evidence of breach of confidentiality.

According to the article, FaceApp says they host in the United States, Singapore, Australia and Ireland. Whether that's true or not, I don't know. The problem the FBI has is no matter where the data is hosted, the Russian government has access to it as long as the Russian developers of FaceApp have access to it.

>I think FaceApp should be hosted on an AWS-like infrastructure.

>Hosting in Russia is expensive and does not provide any advantages

Hosting in top .ru DCs like Selectel is vastly cheaper than on any AWS-likes. These are extremely different products though.

You might be right. It's been a while since I tired to migrate to Russian servers.

It’s worth noting that the heads of CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS and the Justice Department have all confirmed the Russian government are currently actively engaged in ongoing global disinformation campaigns propagated primarily on social media designed to sway elections in democracies abroad.

It’s beyond dispute.

The Russian government has breached confidentiality.

US intelligence agencies do the same, no?

The country intervening in most foreign elections is the United States with 81 interventions, followed by Russia (including the former Soviet Union) with 36 interventions from 1946 to 2000—an average of once in every nine competitive elections [1]

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_electoral_intervention

"US intelligence agencies do the same, no?"

Yes, definitely, again another thing beyond dispute. Not sure what the point is you're trying to make though.

The most effective aspect of this disinformation campaign is that if you share the wrong meme on reddit or Facebook you can get accused of being a tool of the Kremlin, which is pretty grand and hilarious really. Americans have gaslit themselves into thinking the Russians are everywhere (again).

My point is that I do not see a direct connection between the mobile application founded by the Russian indie developer almost 2 years ago and the swaying one of the most established democracy in the entire history.

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