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I don't think the UX needn't be complicated. If you really wanted that you can use .rtf, but whitespace and at least grayscale separation are already possible in plaintext of course. Want a cute header? How about:




Smaller plain text files + folders are great for separating, categorizing, and interacting with information. Got another file type relevant to that note? throw it in a folder with a matching filename.txt describing it all. Have aliases or shortcuts to make these appear in any configuration you want all over your OS.

MacOS also lets you put tags on any file leading to further customization. Throw in Calendar into the mix for reminders (not proprietary Reminders) mail for communication and sending yourself notes when you don't have your laptop, and MacOS has all the features baked into the OS that most notetaking apps drip feed through a poorly optimized app on a subscription and with proprietary formats.

This system works on any computer built in the last 40 years and will probably work on all computers built in the next 40. Lets see a company like evernote last for that long.

It’s worth noting that unless your header text file is in a format that can be converted to HTML, there’s no easy way for third-party accessibility tools to understand your plain text the way you do. Accessibility is one of the reasons WYSIWYG is so common. It’s hard to translate plain text to a semantic verbal description (though with AI and pattern matching this might be getting easier), and even harder if it’s not actually text. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

our even better then emailing yourself files, you can use something like syncthing and just drop the file into a folder to have it synced to another device. no need for importing and exporting from your email app

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