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AdQuick | Senior Software Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Full-time | Venice, CA | Onsite or Remote | https://www.adquick.com

AdQuick is building the AdWords for Billboards.

We've built software that makes it easy for marketers to plan a traditional direct buy of outdoor ads, and now we're working on software that will enable marketers & business owners to place ads on real-world digital screens programmatically in real-time, via software or APIs.

This is a totally new market that's rapidly growing, especially as digital screens get cheaper and as Facebook and Google Ad CPMs continue to get expensive and saturated.

A little about us: AdQuick is an Instacart-mafia company – the initial co-founders met there, and we've since hired several other folks that used to work there with us.

We're 3 years old, we have 30 people total and an engineering team of 11. We've raised 3M in funding from Garry Tan & Alexis Ohanian's VC firm, Initialized Capital.

We're looking for:

- Experience in Ruby, Rails, React, Webpack, Postgres or similar technologies. TypeScript and Ruby Sorbet experience are also welcomed.

- 3+ years experience working on production systems

- People who actively want the startup experience: taking a lot of ownership, having a big impact, and building amazing products that customers love.

Fill out our quick google form here if this sounds interesting to you!


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