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>The potential threat is for someone at Candidate_1's campaign taking selfies with the app, that then uploads them to Russian servers where the Russian government can see them and can also see what's in the background (sensitive documents?)

good old days just less than 20 years ago back at Sun when we were strictly instructed that the computer monitors must be off when the photos would be taken. How times and basic norms of opsec have changed - these days you just tweet the straight photo of the classified monitor screen https://www.npr.org/2019/08/30/755994591/president-trump-twe...

I remember when the Sony-DPRK thing happened there was a photo of Cybercommand and it showed a wall of monitors and people were examining the tools they had open on the monitors.

There was also a photo from the Iranian Nuclear agency and it had photos of their systems and software on their website or something and it was scraped for info prior to Stuxnet.

MacAfee let some "Wired" photog take a digital photo without ensuring geotagging was disabled or removed from the metadata when he was prancing over Belize as he was escaping some plot to frame him.

Those lapses happen.

To be more precise, it seems to be a photo of what 'experts' say is 'almost certainly' an image from a 'classified' satellite or drone.

This really does not look like a photo of a monitor. Looks instead much more like the original photo?

The flash reflection and the head and shoulders shadow suggest monitor mounted at the eye level.

Is President Trump representative of modern opsec norms?

i think it is close to it. I mean for example that FBI guy - Peter Strzok - who led investigation into Clinton's mishandling of emails was himself officially found in flagrant violations of classified information handling policies in particular for storing the classified documents on his personal unencrypted devices, etc.. Somehow i don't think that Strzok is just an exception at FBI - he spent 21 years there after all - , no, he is just the one who got caught because he attracted attention (by his anti-Trump and pro-Clinton text messages on his FBI issued phone while investigating Clinton emails and Trump-Russia collusion - speaking about opsec again :)

No. He is representative of a self-aggrandizing moron.

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