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The best measure would be for “good actors” (universities, government research agencies, the New York Times) to provide a free FaceApp-type app. It’s like a weekend-hackathon of work and can be prioritized by the app stores.

Not sure that’s at all a weekend hacksthon project, but otherwise support the idea

That works in this particular case but is not a general solution. It's not feasible to have "good actors" rewrite clean versions of software written by "bad actors"

I see it like harm reduction of street drugs with something like methadone. Except the marginal cost is zero, of course.

Alternative idea: spend that effort on something more worthwhile than a stupid toy. Like cancer research. Or clean energy. Or simply go outside and clean the beaches. NYT office ain’t that far from the ocean.

Any reason why you singled out the NYT specifically?

Their interactive data-journalism featurettes implies they have coders.

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