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Cultivate AI | Backend/Frontend/Data Science engineers | San Francisco, CA | Full Time Onsite

We just raised $8M to improve corporate communication using NLP. Cultivate allows a manager to see how well they are communicating with their reports in real-time, and get actionable recommendations/ideas on how to become an even better communicator.

The focus right now is to grow the team in every direction, we need all types of engineers and accept any level of experience. Since the company is small we are looking for driven people that can work smart and efficiently.

Our stack is based on Django, React, Kubernetes and a bunch of machine learning libraries to do NLP. The product is mostly deployed in customer clouds, which means we work with AWS, Azure and GCP.

Email johan[at]trycultivate.com or check out our website: https://trycultivate.com/careers

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