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It's not clear what is the potential threat this specific app introduces. A nation state can easily perform facial recognition on the majority of the human race by scraping social media.

Many foreign nation states might have access to like, 500x400 pixel photos of people. Not 12 megapixel direct front selfie camera taken photos, where the person is intentionally trying to get the highest quality photo possible.

You don't really need high res for face recognition. In fact, the high frequencies are probably noise that you'd want to remove with a low-pass filter.

You are assuming that high resolution details of a face have value in a world where surveillance doesn't capture faces in high resolution.

No need to be a state actor, private companies do that too and sell data to law enforcement. There is no realistic threat, just propaganda.

I mean isn't law enforcement using that data the threat model? It is just if your own government is doing it vs a hostile state actor. So while our gov doesn't see the former as hostile (they're the ones doing the actions, so who would admit hostility) they do see the latter as hostile. You can call this hypocritical (which seems to be the common argument here in HN), but hypocrisy doesn't nullify the hostility.

Think about the implications of having a real time face recognition camera app, like the one internal one facebook built (forbes article on this came out nov 24 2019).

You could easily profile pictures of high ranking American officials, their parents, their children, etc.

In other words, data like this can increase your attack surface

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