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He kinda missed the mark on predicting greater ability to suppress information though.

Did he miss the mark? Ask the average person on the street why congress are having impeachment proceedings against the president. most will either regurgitate some fox news conspiracy theory or say something about Russia. while the actual reason is he attempted to extort a personal quid pro quo from the Ukrainian government in exchange for releasing foreign aid funds they were due. Sounds to me like he predicted people not reading and getting nothing but propaganda misinformation and empty mindless entertainment from tv just right.

The partisan nature of media companies certainly contributes when 90% of the reporters lean one way and laud social media strategies for one candidate and loath when the other follows suit. No one network has a monopoly on conspiracy theories.l, they all push narratives. As far as entertainment, that industry is notoriously scummy and rife with political connections.

Ask the average person on the street in the 60's to explain why America was at war in Vietnam and they'll tell you something vague about Communism. Ask the average person on the street in 1776 to explain the economic and political factors that lead to the Declaration of Independence and they'll think it has something to do with tea. The fact that the world is not filled with current event junkies is nothing new. I'm not saying there's been no eroding of American democracy or the like, but it's not like people have been suddenly brainwashed in a way that's fundamentally different than prior decades.

The reason has nothing to do with his “firemen”.

To quote the conversation with the firechief Captain Beatty; "There you have it, Montag. It didn’t come from the Government down. There was no dictum, no declaration, no censorship, to start with, no! Technology mass exploitation, and minority pressure carried the trick"

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