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Having a database of peoples picture is a huge asset for Russian intelligence. They can use facial recognition to enhance their visual surveillance efforts.

Seems like that information is already largely public just not linked publicly to your phone information.

Is there a public database of images of people with names? Police don’t even have that.

You mean the digital equivalent of a big book full of people's names and faces? That's an exact description of Facebook.

Can Russia buy all facebooks data? How would their intelligence agency get photos and corresponding names from Facebook?

For almost all people, name and profile picture are set public. It's an incredibly tiny fraction of all the data, which is why I'm amused at all the uproar. There really is very little you can do with that information.

That's silly. Just take a list of leaked emails and run that against gravatar and you'll probably get more photos. Run it through Luminati if you're afraid of getting IP blocked. Bam! You could have a hundred million avatars, most of which will be photos.

Then there's LinkedIn's public profiles, Github's public profiles, Twitter's profiles. This is just privacy theatre.

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