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Plenty of chinese apps under "utility" category is flooding the us consumers...

Notably ES File Explorer was recently removed form the Google play store because of suspicious behavior. One of the most popular Android file managers.

I bought microSD reader off Amazon, which has two dongle ends, one USB type A for a computer, one Lightning, for my iPhone. According to the included instructions, it required me to download an app (from the Apple app store) to use on the the iPhone. I didn't trust the App, even with Apple's scans, so I ended up using it with my already-owned Camera Connection Kit (Lightning to USB Host) adapter just fine. The name of the app was something very similar, if not identical, to that name, which is what reminded me of it.

It seems fishy that the Apple provided Files app didn't recognized my SD card

Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken, but this is/was a limitation imposed by Apple before iOS 13. On iOS 13 (on an ipad pro at least) you can now access an SD card via files, but before that it was Photos or a bespoke app from the manufacturer only. I've not tried on an iphone recently.

Aw man, I had no idea! Time to delete. :(

Total Commander was the recommended replacement a while ago when ES started to become shady.

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