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Thanks for the thoughtful post -- let me expand on what I wrote previously, as I want to be clear: our goal is not to disrupt brokers; rather, it's to build new insurance products that uniquely meet the needs of high-growth technology (and over time, other entrepreneurial) companies. Our view is that brokers are very valuable for some clients -- and for certain other companies, especially very early stage ones, it's more hit or miss -- my experience is that's the case because it doesn't make sense for most brokers to serve small commercial accounts. We're very open to working with brokers over time for some clients/products/etc. Thanks again for the thoughts.

Thanks for expanding. Brokers that work in brick and mortar have their place. Based on reading about your company I would make the pitch that the customer wouldn’t hire a defense attorney to incorporate your company (though you could and not that they wouldn’t do a good job) and likewise you wouldn’t hire silicon legal to defend you in a criminal trial. The last thing you want would be a broker or ultimately an underwriter that is unfamiliar with your business model that fights tooth and nail with you on simple stuff that the Hartford would take care of in a heartbeat.

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