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It's an invitation from amazon to quantum computer makers to show their tech's potential. in the end they 'll buy the winner and the others will fail. They'll also have first dibs in case someone comes up with another useful quantum algorithm in their cloud. it feels like a defensive land grab of sorts (like neuromorphic computing)

Amazon seems to be going -aas on anything ... but how long can this last? Despite computing hardware evolution having slowed, it hasn't halted , and eventually robust hardware will become cheap enough for competitors to commoditize servers once again (as should be the normal)

This is a reasonable take. Consider that IBM, Microsoft, and Google - the credible cloud competitors to AWS - all have their own in-house QC efforts. AWS is outsourcing theirs... they make it sound like it's going to be a marketplace model, but you're right, if/once the profit motive is in place they'll snap up the supplier.

Of course, if nothing productive materializes, they're also out nothing. Sort of a win-win for them.

The question I have is whether we'll see things like SageMaker and other higher level machine learning features use the quantum computers on the back end.

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