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Syntax only matters to people who don't know the syntax. I used to think it was awful before learning Rust, but very quickly the syntax just fades into the background because syntax is patterned and repetitive by definition. There's an initial barrier to entry then an abrupt payoff cliff.

The important thing is actual expressiveness. Rust gives you a heavy duty toolbox to play with. You could have a beautiful-looking syntax with no braces, no parens, and tons of whitespace (think CoffeeScript or Haskell) where you're very restricted on a small set of square pegs, or you could use something like C++, (Perl), Rust, or Lisp that lets you make any Rube Goldberg machinery you want no matter how hideous it looks. It's a matter of personal preference. You can be very effective either way, but I think one is unnecessarily harder on yourself.

There are two camps:

1. Syntax is important. I want everything to line up beautifully on the screen. I have a riced out Arch desktop and a super clean enviable desk with modern furniture.

2. Syntax doesn't matter. I format code sloppily and let clang-format fix it eventually. I love macros and codegen because they make my life easier. I haven't changed my wallpaper in 5 years.

I know you're being somewhat facetious but... not really. To me, syntax is important, and I want everything to line up beautifully on the screen. But I use a simple, no-frills Debian Xfce desktop, and my "desk" is my lap and my couch.

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