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  I build scalable service-based systems capable of handing millions of users (most recently at Nike).
  7+ years in the industry / CS undergrad.
  Experience working at both startups and large enterprises.
  AI / reinforcement learning as a hobby (completed specialization on Coursera).

  Location: Portland, OR (US Citizen)
  Remote: willing to try (3+ years experience working with distributed teams)
  Willing to relocate: open to ideas, but won't move to SF Bay Area or LA.
    -> Preferred languages: Scala, Haskell, Rust
    -> Async architecture toolbox: Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS/SNS
    -> Big Data stack: Spark, Hive, HBase
    -> RL: PyTorch

  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxchistokletov/
  Email: Just reach out to me through LinkedIn. I will be happy to share my email if necessary. Or reply here.

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