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New graduate here, with a Maths/Theoretical Physics academic background, leaning toward the applied side of both. My latest hobby projects are a toy OS for 32-bit x86 written in FORTH, and a very slowly progressing port of 2.11BSD to the Nintendo DS.

    Location: Dublin/Mayo, Ireland
    Remote: yes
    Willing to relocate: within the EU
    Technologies: Python(PyTorch, Scipy, Pandas, the usual machine learning and data science stack), Julia, C, Assembler, OpenBSD; as well as some dabbling with other languages like Go and Haskell (and a summer spent rewriting legacy C++ plugins and PHP scripts).
    Resumé/CV: https://jo.ie/cv.pdf
    Email: me@jo.ie (Literally m followed by an e, this isn't an obfuscated address)

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