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This is largely due to the crazy free-supercharging giveaways Elon has been giving away like candy. I see so many Tesla drivers using superchargers as their primary charing spot. Hanging out in their car playing Cuphead or shopping at the target, and topping their battery to 100% taking 1+ hours to do so.

For people like me who charge at home, I just want to quickly jump into a spot and get 90 miles range to get me home. Should take 15-20 minutes max to get my battery there, but waiting line sucks.

Nobody is driving out to kettleman city because they get free charging.

That said, "free" anything brings out outlier behavior that even the most nominal charge would prevent. (the $10 copay for doctor visits is the same thing)

They aren't driving out to Kettleman for free charging. But, they are stopping there en route because free charging is available.

With gas stations, that doesn't happen - you just stop wherever you want. If there's a line, you go to the next station.

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