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RenoRun | Software Engineer | Montreal, ONSITE ONLY | Full time

Award-winning and venture-backed, RenoRun is one of North America's fastest-growing startups - And we want you to be part of our story!

Who Are We? We know building and renovation. We are industry leaders. We cut to the point because we value people’s time. We are diverse, inclusive and values-driven.

What Do We Do? We centralize locational, scheduling, ordering, and transactional data on building materials and products to eliminate store and distributor visit hours from construction cycles.

What Do We Want You To Do? We need your help to scale our company into Series B and well beyond. You have the option to join one of the following rapidly-growing teams:

* Web Development: building our online presence and shopping experience in TypeScript, NodeJS and React

* Mobile Development: building cross-platform applications in Dart and Flutter

* Backend Development: building the intelligence platform and support APIs in Java (and possibly, soon, Clojure!).

Other technologies and providers you'll interact with include AWS, MySQL, Ansible, Prometheus and tons of online APIs.

Learn more about us on our website https://www.renorun.ca/ and then get in touch and tell us more about you!

Are you guys looking for new grads at all (with internship experience)? I'm looking for something in Montreal and your Web Dev or backend roles interest me.

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