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Feels like Zuckerberg and co is pivoting from being politically 'left' to politically 'right' and I'm wondering if it has to do w/ data. I.e. data says if you support conservative media/causes/etc you'll get more mass appeal, and more eyes glued to facebook. Or more people who lean right-wing are on FB so make it an echo chamber for them. Supposedly he's been having a lot of closed door meetings w/ people on the right.

At once it seemed he wanted to be more like gates and influence the world for good. I think all the privacy scandals have made him more jaded and ruined chances of him getting into politics like he wanted, so buckle down and make FB more profitable through political coercion and using data to get the most advertising buck.

I mean they don't allow this, but Trump could run an ad saying Bernie Sanders is having an Affair with AOC and has poor family values and they'd allow it - because political ad.

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