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Carbon3D | Bay Area (RWC) | On-site | http://software.carbon3d.com | Pre-IPO I work on the automation / tooling side of things at Carbon and we have a very diverse (CS, chem-engs, materials, mech-engs, mfg-engs) set of people working on modernizing additive manufacturing. 50% of our Executive team are women leaders, including our CEO and our board is founder led. Additionally, we are a dog friendly environment with a strong work-life-balance. Additional perk, you get to use production grade 3D printers just for fun!!

Our printers are used in real-world use cases like mass manufacturing: Mid-soles for Adidas: https://www.adidas.com/us/4D Helmet pads for NFL: https://www.carbon3d.com/riddell/ Bike seats for Specialized: https://www.carbon3d.com/specialized/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqOiNJp1_7A

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer (Front End Leaning) with expertise in JavaScript. Tech Stack: React, three.js, Node.js, TypeScript

Job description: https://jobs.lever.co/carbon/e00662ae-3270-4c0f-a75c-a0f58f9...

You can reach me on mgandhi+hn@carbon3d.com for any qs and our fav recruiter: apagin+hn@carbon3d.com

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