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No it can't. There are systems that track things worth less than a penny for later billing, but at the end of the month when they bill someone, they do some sort of rounding.

If you are earning interest at a bank, and you've earned a fraction of a penny, they will eventually pay it to you once you've earned enough for a whole penny.

i.e. they track your account balance to more than 2 digits, they just only show you 2 digits.

Someone should tell that to everyone who ever used a ½¢ coin in the US. Also, US law explicitly states (31 USC §5101) that the unit of 1/1000th of a dollar is a mill.

>Someone should tell that to everyone who ever used a ½¢ coin in the US.

All 10 of them?

I’ve got some at home, but admittedly I’d never use one as currency. I also have US ½¢ paper notes too.

Go to a bank and ask for a half penny or a thousandth of a dollar. Let me know how it goes.

Go to a bank and ask for a $500 or $1000 note too. They won’t give you one as they aren’t in circulation anymore, but most (all?) will let you deposit it for face value.

Because, unlike a thousandth of a dollar, those are valid amounts for real transactions.

It goes without saying that half pennies are dead. A mill seems to be from the Coinage Act of 1792, which is perhaps a tad outdated.

Take two half penny coins or notes to the bank and they’ll credit your account a penny. Of course, just like with the $500 or $1000 notes, you’ll be losing money on the deal.

> A mill ... is perhaps a tad outdated.

Yet you use mills every time you pay for gas. Pointless in that case? Probably. Still used all the time? Certainly.

I pull the gas lever intermittently until the gal goes up but the cents don't. It takes about 5 tries, but always makes me smile that I beat the game.

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