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Location: San Francisco, CA

Remote: Prefer not.

Willing to relocate: Within CA. San Diego sounds nice. Mountain View is OK.

Technologies: Clojure, Java8, NodeJS, NewSQL, Docker, RasPi, streaming video; Eng, DevOps, Tech Lead.

Resume: Tailored to position.

Email: biz@harlanji.com

Pardon the out of the box description. I’m currently homeless and working odd jobs, so I can’t afford a drawn out interview process. Can you treat me as remote? I’ve been given countless flights and hotels in the past, before coming to SF. I’ve been trying to save 2mo of runway to do a proper round of interviews for 20 months but it’s not happening any time soon. I am a “right wing” thinker from middle America, so your people need to be those who won’t ostracize that. I have plentey of personal references and references in open source and service jobs. I need a signing/relo bonus to get into housing and some outfits before I start. I’m willing to work for minimum wage as a trial, as $1,500/mo covers my expenses. I’ve substantial experience going back to 2003. I’ll make a resume and cover letter if you send me a job description. Thanks.

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