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I'm confused about what plain text means if JSON and YAML don't qualify. They are non-binary and non-proprietary. Is CSV plain text? And the example URL of openfootball has data files with fixed column positions and square brackets. Looks like you're packing semantics implicitly into the parser rather than leaving it explicit. I don't see why that's an argument in favor of plain text.

JSON and YAML qualify as plain text, for sure. Plain text is a spectrum. Let's say from "free form" english text as your comment to more machine-oriented structured formats like JSON and YAML. YAML, for example, tries to be a more human plain text format than JSON e.g. it supports keys without enclosing quotes or it supports comments and it supports variants and many shortcuts and much more. JSON is pretty "inhuman" if start hand-editing from scratch and NOT recommended, see Awesome JSON Next for "Why JSON is NOT a good / great configuration format" or "How to fix JSON" and so on - https://github.com/json-next/awesome-json-next

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