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> Good point and thanks for the link! However, doesn't it imply that text rendering is a bottleneck anywhere - games, digital signage, etc.?

Yes, and this is why non-Latin text in many games is at best a texture, and at worst, horribly, incorrectly rendered.

The state of the art for Arabic in Unity is I believe a plugin that basically does manual shaping by replacing code points. There may be a Harfbuzz plugin, idk.

By the way - kindof a tangent, but if we're mentioning Unity I remember with Flash around ~8 years ago using TLFText. Seemed really good iirc.

Though that was with the old vector/cpu Flash, not the Starling/gpu stuff.

Interesting. So does all text in the browser go through the same problem space? Canvas, SVG, and HTML?

(also a question to the siblings here! I'm not totally clear on HN etiquette when one wants a "reply all"...)

SVG and HTML use the browser's text rendering stack, which is pretty good. (Native UI elements also benefit from native rendering stacks).

Canvas has the same problem, though there are tricks like compiling Harfbuzz to wasm to get around that. There are proposals for a Web Shaping API to expose the underlying shaping engine used by the browser.


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