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You don't look for a job, you look for a challenge?

Our mission at Elli is electrify the lives of billions. We do this by providing the best products related to e-mobility to our customers. Building these solutions at global scale is probably one of the hardest problems in IoT or even computing in general.

We work in an self-organizing and agile way. We are cloud-native and build on top of Google Cloud Platform.

All jobs are located in Germany's most beautiful city: Munich.

Specialist InfoSec: https://elli-jobs.personio.de/job/150620 IAM: https://elli-jobs.personio.de/job/150629 Cloud: https://elli-jobs.personio.de/job/150627 SRE: https://elli-jobs.personio.de/job/156343 Engineering Mgmt: https://elli-jobs.personio.de/job/150615

All positions: https://elli-jobs.personio.de/?language=en#department-187130

You love our mission, but the right job description is not there? We value and encourage initiative. Apply at pf [at] elli [dot] eco.

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