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My name’s Ed. I’m a Senior Product Engineer. Having been primarily management and process based for the first half of my career, I upskilled technically some years ago to become a business/product focussed engineer. Having worked for numerous years as a full stack developer, I am now perfectly placed to deliver in a role that interfaces between technology, the business and customers. Not detailed here, I have products I have built on the side as well as consulting clients, the experience of which I draw upon in my work.

Location: Spain (Barcelona) - UK Native

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes


    Frameworks/Paradigms: React, React Native, Graphql, Apollo 
    Client, NextJS,
    Redux, Redux Saga, Webpack, Styled Components, Storybook
    Languages: Typescript, Javascript, HTML, CSS

    Frameworks/Paradigms: Node, Graphql, Apollo Server, 
    Serverless, Meteor,
    Rails, Symphony, AWS Lambda, SQL (Postgress/Sqlite/MySql), 
    Languages: Typescript, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, SQL

    Jest, Mocha, Storyshots, Cypress, Cucumber, PHPUnit
CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ozz-RdXI-F5NbbepmOFqXgySLeL...

email: elgpowderham@gmail.com

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