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FarmWise | https://farmwise.io | Software Engineers, Robotics Software Engineers, Embedded Systems Engineers | San Francisco / Salinas | Full-time | Salary + Annual Bonus + Equity

We build autonomous farming devices that help solve the labor shortage encountered by many farmers in the US and we also drastically reduce the amount of chemical used in the farming process. I'm the lead SW engineer/roboticist here at Farmwise and our team is growing quickly after landing our Series A.

We're a values focused company, and extremely product focused. Despite being an early stage startup farmers in the Salinas Valley (where 70% of all American Lettuce is grown) are already using our product for chemical free weeding of their crops.

We're hiring not just roboticists but software engineers looking to get into robotics as well as embedded systems engineers. We have a preference for people with a background in C/C++ or Python, as well as a product focused mindset and solid communication skills.

We have challenges around localization in the field, controls and actuation, as well as real time systems constraints.

If you ever want to talk directly with me or one of our founders, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn and we can hop on a call.

Sounds like interesting work. I'm not really on LinkedIn, but here's some information about myself (email in profile):


Reaching out soon!

Hey Adam, this sounds right up my alley and I’m looking for new opportunities. Just added on LinkedIn

Thanks for reaching out, responded on LI.

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