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DRW | Chicago, IL | Onsite | Full-Time | drw.com

DRW is a diversified, technology-led principal trading firm. We trade our own capital at our own risk, across a broad range of asset classes, instruments and strategies, in markets around the world. As the markets have evolved over the past 25 years, so has DRW – growing to include real estate, cryptoassets, venture capital and several industry acquisitions.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Senior Ruby Engineer: https://grnh.se/0e7191e51

Cloud Engineer: https://grnh.se/a8d6867a1

Research Developer: https://grnh.se/b3c1eba11

Linux Systems Engineer: https://grnh.se/83ca61981

Network Engineer (Data Capture): https://grnh.se/b107442a1

Check out our website to learn more and see additional positions: www.drw.com.

Your "Senior Ruby Engineer" and "Cloud Engineer" positions have no job description or expectations for applicant qualifications. Where can I find this information?

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