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Serious question: does this mean any developer with a credit card can now break our strongest crypto?


Even if Amazon had worked out an agreement with Google to run arbitrary algorithms on a 53 qubit computer; that would not be enough to run Shors algorithm (which only breaks RSA and Elliptic Curve) on normal keys. This is also pretending that Google's 53 qubit computer were full, error corrected, logical qubits.

No. We’re still a long way from quantum computers powerful enough for that.

Indeed. We currently have machines with ~ 50 qubits and we’d need likely 10s of millions of qubits.

No, and there’s no evidence so far that anyone on the planet has a quantum computer capable of running shors algorithm in any useful capacity,

. . . because if they had the necessary hardware, and expertise, they'd totally be dumb enough to leak evidence.

There is no evidence of quantum computers breaking ciphers en masse.

You're simulating a quantum computer with a classical computer. So if you can break crypto with a classical computer, then yes.

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