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> Selling developer tools these days is just a losing game.

Selling a company that holds some patents or serious implementations of useful software is not. We live in an era where Big Tech will acquire companies for tens of millions, then dismantle their product, just to hire a proven engineering team (or keep them out of the hands of competitors for a brief period). So companies with actual, useful products do fetch quite a bit.

But that's a very indirect and uncertain way of making money. I think that people who do honest work deserve a better way of getting paid.

Also oftentimes not all that lucrative for the founders. The reason Big Tech will aquihire for a million or two per employee is because it costs that much to get a good employee. When companies have managed to assemble such a team and build a product to showcase it it's usually because they took a lot of capital before they had a product, which means that VCs own the lion's share of the company.

Which is why I totally dislike the FOSS culture of wanting to be paid for their work, while unwilling to pay for the tooling.

Git PR don't pay supermarket bills.

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