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IOTAS | Portland, OR | https://www.iotashome.com | Full time | ONSITE | Embedded Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer

At IOTAS we work directly with apartment buildings to bring smart home technology to renters and property managers. Think smart door locks, lights, thermostats, etc that can be controlled via our mobile app. We are constantly integrating with new IoT devices that make life easier for both residents and property managers. Our backend software runs primarily on AWS (ECS, RDS, API Gateway, Lambda) and we have a fleet of hubs deployed in the field which are installed in each apartment.

We are looking for an Embedded Software Engineer to help build/deploy/support the software on our hubs and a DevOps Engineer to help manage and build out our AWS infrastructure.

* Embedded Software Engineer - https://www.iotashome.com/job/embedded-software-engineer/

* DevOps Engineer - https://www.iotashome.com/job/dev-ops-engineer/

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