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Berbix | Full-stack software engineer | Full Time | Onsite | San Francisco, CA Our stack: Go, React, Typescript, iOS, Android, Google Cloud

We're an Initialized Capital-backed, YC startup (S18) making it easy for companies to collect and instantly verify photo IDs online. We use ML and computer vision techniques to effectively extract and validate the IDs in our system without any human intervention. This is a game changer for companies that require age verification, fraud deterrence or KYC. We are growing quickly and have new customers coming on board weekly.

Our founding team led the Trust & Safety team at Airbnb for several years. We implemented the initial versions of the Airbnb's Verified ID product and saw many of the problems with the existing solutions.

We have a modern stack and a ton of interesting problems to solve. We're a SaaS, API-first company building a best-in-class solution for identity verification.

My email address is eric [at] [company-name] .com


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