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For SysAdmins: Using a Visual Map for IT Asset/Inventory Tracking (cyberstockroom.com)
8 points by i_miss_qbasic 2 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

I think this is pretty neat as an inventory management tool, but I'm unsure I'd use it for my IT assets. Perhaps if my org was a lot bigger and I had a lot of concern about how much stock/parts were in storerooms?

My guess would be because asset management is pretty static from an IT managers point of view. Inventory management on the other hand is a dynamic world all it's own. You don't just generate inventory out of thin air and you don't simply lock it in a closet forever. You also don't procure inventory without clear purpose. That is what ERP and MRP systems are for. They are infinitely more complicated, more expensive, and harder to maintain.

This tool being so simple it seems to be a perfect fit for IT departments to visualize their equipment. Kinda looks like this company made a small business tool for managing arbitrary static inventory and are now trying to find the perfect market fit for their product. It is too simple for large enterprise to use it to manage product lines/BOM's/material requirements all by itself. IT equipment, on the other hand, is perfect. You set it up on a desk or issue it to a specific purson/purpose, and forget about it until it stops working.

Still a very interesting idea. I'd be interested if they had an on-prem edition.

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