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Mentor Collective | Remote-OK | Director of Engineering

Mentor Collective partners with Universities to increase graduation rates by running large scale mentorship programs (hundreds to thousands of personalized matches) to help traditional underserved populations feel like they belong on campus.

Team context: - Stack is RoR + React; we're language agnostic on hiring - Currently 4 Sr. SWEs looking to grow to 5-6 + Director in next 6-12 months

Key metrics: - 87% renewal rate, 99% logo renewal rate, 110% contract revenue renewal rate - Partners have seen impacts such as mentored students being 9.24x less likely to be on academic probation and a +0.68 increase in GPA.

Apply here: https://angel.co/mentorcollective/jobs or reach out to me directly at careers@mentorcollective.org

I am the Chief of Staff and first employee (George Boyar)

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