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New York City is flooding subway entrances to prepare for climate change (qz.com)
30 points by mistersquid 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

If climate change turns out to be a vast exaggeration, this period in history is going to look very silly.

Did you read the article? Sandy caused billions in damage.

Hurricanes are real, they aren’t something imagined by the media or scientists. They’ve been causing massive damage for centuries, not just because of climate change anyway.

Climate change is also real, even deniers usually just say it isn’t man-made.

Either way, sea levels are rising and hurricanes will keep hitting us even if climate change is an exaggeration, so being prepared for extreme weather is smart and hardly something people will look back on as silly.

Switching energy generation to move away from a dwindling, polluting, non-renewable, toxic resource ... and ending the incredible, increasingly expensive, polluting waste of unchecked, ad-driven consumerism ... will not look silly in the future.

The physics of the 'greenhouse effect' are very easy to demonstrate, and simple enough for middle-school children to grasp. Even if it befuddles our non-technical leadership.

If all we get out of it is a more sustainable economy, less pollution, renewable nearly-free sources of energy, and better preparedness for storms, hey, I'll settle for that.

I mean, that's how we felt about a coming nuclear apocalypse in the cold war era. What's your point?

The common refrain I’ve heard from these type of folks is “well we were going to have a global ice age because the ozone was ‘being depleted’!”

Explaining to them that a concerted international effort is the only thing that prevented that gets laughed off.

Worst case is we were over prepared which doesn't sound like a loss to me.

It should be like Y2K - Experts advised that there were likely to be serious problems, there was much fuss in the media alerting the general public about the potential for disaster, much effort and expenditure to mitigate the issue, and it wasn't disastrous in the end.

Instead it seems that between vested business interests and politics, the problem has been turned into an issue you can take sides on, and muddied the waters so much that nothing substantial gets done.

Y2K wasn't disastrous in the end because of all the effort taken to mitigate it.

People had the same attitude pre 9/11 when suggesting to have impenetrable cockpit doors on planes. Just saying...

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