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BlueSuit (TechStars 2019) | ONSITE | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Denver, CO, USA

BlueSuit is a funded, early-stage startup (less than 10 employees) in the proptech space, specializing in commercial real estate sale transactions. We build software that uses OCR/NLP to read and extract important info from complicated real estate documents. We streamline the deal-closing workflow for brokers and other parties.

Our stack is Postgres/Django/Apollo/React, with some of our data science code running on AWS in various configurations, and our prod stuff hosted on Heroku for the time being. Server-side GraphQL library is Graphene-Python.

We're looking for a senior full-stack engineer who can primarily work on the frontend, with the occasional dip into the backend as necessary (adding fields to the DB schema and/or nodes to the GraphQL schema).

We're using cutting-edge tech in an industry in desperate need of modernization, so there's huge greenfield upside opportunity. This is an onsite job. We have a small office in a coworking space in downtown Denver, but will likely be expanding pretty rapidly - we've gotten a gigantic boost in business from our participation in the Colliers/TechStars Proptech accelerator.

To apply, email me directly at dylan(at)bluesuit.com with your resume. Please include "Hacker News" in the subject line so I don't accidentally filter out your email!

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