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SEEKING WORK | Austin TX or NYC | full-time

I'm a junior engineer with 1.3yrs of professional experience at a stealth startup and 8mo. at Amazon after my team was scraped. This has been tough but a nice break to work on a password manager from scratch (using a Yubi HSM) and some security research.

I have deep experience writing go micro-services, rapid prototyping in python and building reactive frontends in Vue and React. I also enjoy writing personal projects using Phoenix and Elixir.

Most recently I've been working on a real-time bidding site for exotic plants during my time between work.

Willing to relocate: YES (prefer east coast or Austin TX)

resume: please email for resume + work samples

email: algaenotpond@gmail.com

Lang -> Python, Go, JS, Elixir

DB -> Postgres, Mongo, Firebase

cloud -> AWS, DO, Linux

other -> bash, linux, K8's

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