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National Robotics Engineering Center | Senior Robotics Engineer | Pittsburgh, PA | Onsite | Full Time | Visa |

NREC develops and matures robotics technologies and solutions from concept to commercialization. Our unique expertise places us at the forefront of unmanned ground vehicle design, autonomy, sensing and perception, machine learning, machine vision, operator assistance, 3D mapping and position estimation.

We are looking for an innovator in computer vision with expertise in fields related to: 3D perception, SLAM, visual odometry, machine learning for perception, safe CV, robust outdoor sensing approaches and more. You will apply these techniques to real-world robotic systems that perform useful work and you will help our team make both autonomous field robotics and augmented reality applications a reality.

In addition to our Senior Robotics Engineer, we're hiring for a number of other skill sets which can be found here: https://www.nrec.ri.cmu.edu/nrec/careers/index.html

We're currently updating our on-boarding software so applications are currently down, but feel free to email your resume to jobs@nrec.ri.cmu.edu and mention Hacker News.

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